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May Day!

May 5th, 2012 sccour13

Sadly, I’ve already been dispatched in our college-wide game of assassins. In hindsight, my practice of studying in the Theology library pretty much every single afternoon without fail probably made me an easy target.

In other news, Monday was ‘May Day’ in Oxford, which isn’t widely celebrated in the United States; of course, Oxford has it’s own quirky traditions. Students usually stay out all night and gather on Magdalen Bridge at 6AM to hear the choir sing from the Magdalen Tower. However, the prospect of staying out all night in the  chilly drizzle (May has yet to really arrive in England)  sounded less than appealing, so instead I woke up early and joined some other JYAs on Magdalen Bridge early in the morning to see the choir sing!

Ashley, Sophia Liz and Kelly brave the rain

Magdalen Tower actually had an excellent speaker system rigged, so even though there were literally hundreds of people packing in high street and Magdalen Bridge, you could hear the psalms from all the way from the top of the tower.

The Tower- excuse my early-morning photography

After the choir sings to ‘welcome’ May, tons of restaurants in Oxford brace themselves for the hordes of students that come rushing in from 6 to 8AM to fuel their all-nighters with sausage baps and English fry-ups. As good as that sounded, I was more concerned with getting back to bed.

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