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I don’t play Croquet, I play Assassins

April 29th, 2012 sccour13

It’s been pouring rain for the last week and a half. I really have no reason to complain, since I knew what I was getting into signing up to study aboard in England, but at the moment I’d really love some melatonin, possibly in IV form. However, the general drizzle and damp hasn’t stopped the Mansfield students from playing Croquet on the quad, preparing for the ‘Croquet Cuppers, 2012.’ This is a real sports competition, I swear, it’s like March Madness for overly-stressed English students. I’ve never even seen croquet before, besides the Alice in Wonderland flamingo version, but I suppose I’ll watch and cheer when the tournament begins.

While it’s been a wet start to Trinity Term, there’s already been tons of events going on, such as our last Champagne & Chocolates, which was tragic since it’s my favorite social event at Mansfield (for obvious reasons). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the half-dozen cocktail dresses currently on rotation in my closet!

Holy Cross Repping The Last C&C's

The JYA’s (possibly in response to croquet) are also organizing a game of Assassins, a competition that any self-respecting college student knows all too well as the reason you got up at 5AM in high school and rearranged your schedule in order to prevent getting poked with a popsicle stick or whatever constituted getting ‘killed’ at the time. I’m excited to play, even though I’m a bit of a sitting duck living on campus.

Tomorrow night also begins ‘May Day,’ for which the Oxford tradition is to stay up all night and then meet at the Magdalen tower to hear the choir sing at dawn. I apparently cannot miss this; however, my ability to stay up all night is shaky at best (which made me less than popular while staying in Spain over the vacation) so we’ll see how long I last.

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