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Passive Agressive Packing (or how to foil Easyjet and Ryanair while traveling abroad)

March 24th, 2012 sccour13

I’m currently packing for a two-week trip to Spain, and just recently recovering from a rather traumatizing encounter with an evil Easyjet stewardess coming back from Rome. Despite the fact that my suitcase was laughably, ridiculously small, she managed to prove that with the wheels and little knobbly things on the bottom that keep it standing up, it was about a millimeter too long to be placed in the luggage size display without tilting it ever-so-slightly (which I did MANY TIMES to show her just how in compliance I was)

Of course, I was charged 50 euro and forced to put my suitcase in baggage hold at the last minute, which basically meant abandoning it outside next to the airplane, while a few not-that-dependable looking aircraft controllers we’re looking at it with only slight attention. I felt like I was dropping a crying child off at summer camp and driving away, and had horrible visions of taxing away from the airport and seeing my (tiny, tiny) suitcase still sitting in the tarmac.

Of course, I was being terribly overdramatic and it turned out fine, minus the 50 euro fee. However, in order to prevent it from happening again, I have vindictively purchased the most pathetically small suitcase I can find.

Enter ‘Tom Thumb,’ my new suitcase. Literally has the surface area of a cafeteria tray.

Compared to my old suitcase

Compared to my old HC backpack.

Yes, it’s going to be an interesting experience packing for Spain. Luckily I have vacum bags to help me out, since I have none of my mother’s packing wizardry…

keep in mind that I have size 5 1/2 feet, and those sandals take up the whole width

Things that are now being left behind: Pajamas, since they take up too much room (and I’m going to Spain, heck, I don’t need to sleep!) Towels, since I’m going to be staying in other people’s flats, so I can always borrow one. Hair straightener (yeah, that was the first to go, since I’ve learned that after Day 3 of traveling you stop caring how unsavory you look).

Things that must stay: a rainjacket (despite having gorgeous weather so far, I can’t be blessed forever.) Sneakers, (for going on runs in Retiro Park, literally my favorite area of Madrid.) though I might have to wear them on the plane. And, of course, my camera, because when else in my life will I be able to jet off to four different cities in Spain for two weeks?)

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