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February 26th, 2012 sccour13

Macbeth is finally over (I can’t believe I have so much free time!) and it was definitely the highlight of my term. I got to meet so many Mansfielders, try something new (I hadn’t done drama since high school, when I played a jury member, so you can imagine how pivotal I was to the performance). I think the rest of the cast is slightly in denial as well, since we’re all meeting for a curry dinner on Tuesday to relive the glory days.

Earlier this week I had visitors again- Lauren came to visit me from Bamberg (where she is the infinitely brave sole HC student studying abroad there) for two days and I took a break from studying to play tourist in Oxford, one of my favorite things to do since I feel like I miss out on the visitor-perspective of the city.

We took a tour of Christ Church, arguably the most famous college of Oxford (13 Prime Ministers went there! 13!). While it’s gorgeous and much grander than Mansfield, I don’t know if I could ever study there- you could never relax with that much grandeur all around you, not to mention the pressure of such famous alumni! I get nervous enough studying in the Bodlian, I feel like C.S. Lewis and John Locke are rolling in their graves everytime I sneak onto Facebook.

We also went into the Eagle and Child, the pub in Oxford famous for ‘The Inklings,’ the literary group composed of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and others who met and shared their upcoming projects (for those not literary-inclined, that would be the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia) You can definitely see where Tolkien got the atmosphere for the houses in the Hobbit’s Shire- The Eagle and Child is really low-ceilinged and white-washed, I felt like Gandalf was going to enter while I was drinking my mulled wine any second

We finished off the second day with a Mansfield rugby match against Teddy Hall. We got trounced, but Teddy Hall does have the best ruby team at Oxford, and the Mansfield boys put up a great fight. I still can’t watch ruby without wincing every five minutes- there are so many unpleasant crunching sounds, especially when everyone piles over the ball in this kind of violent mosh-pit of flying limbs. Clearly I don’t have the proper  English sporting spirit.

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