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6 Girls, 4 Fridges, and 10 cent wings

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Happy Memorial Day! Today is my first full day on campus after move-in yesterday afternoon. Although I don’t start my internship untill Wednesday, I was still busy shopping with my suitemates for room supplies and enjoying the gorgeous summer weather. Since Kimball isn’t open, we’ve also been stocking up on food for the weeks to come (thus the wall of fridges in our common room). I’ve also been introduced to the Monday night deals of Worcester, such as the 10 cent wing night at Funky Murphy’s.

I’ve enjoyed hearing finding out everyone else’s internships  are; students are interning at local hospitals, working in the classics department, and even using lasers in one of the science labs! I have a cookout Wednesday afternoon to meet all of the Mellon scholars, so I’m excited to see what everyone is researching and begin work in the MRC.


Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Hi everyone! Welcome to my summer internship blog, where I’m going to be describing my time on the Holy Cross campus as a research assistant for the Mellon Fellowship for Research in the Humanities.

After a week and a half of hardcore post-finals recovery, sleeping in and enjoying the sunshine, on Sunday, I’ll be (re)packing my bags and heading back up to Worcester! Since I’m going abroad in the fall to Oxford, I’ve been jokingly referring to this summer as my “faux junior year”. I’ll be living in a suite in Alumni with other interns, Mellon Scholars and science researchers, but we’ll also be co-existing with the Summer Business Program students   and the students in the summer Economics program.

The Mellon Summer Research in the Humanities is a really new program at HC; there are about 30 different projects this summer created independently by either students with faculty advisors or faculty projects with student researchers.

Along with my co-intern Kelsey, I’m going to be helping Prof. Bridget Franco of the Spanish department create CINE-GLOS, an online index of Spanish cinematographic terms. Basically, I get to watch a LOT of Spanish and Latin American films and edit certain sections to put them on the CINE-GLOS website.  I’ll share more specific information on the CINE-GLOS project when I officially start on Wednesday.

I approached Prof. Franco asking to be part of her project after hearing about it at a Mellon information meeting. I’ve loved Spanish films since high school, when they really helped me learn the colloquial Spanish I needed for studying over the summer in Madrid.During high school I participated in an exchange program that allowed me to stay with a family for five weeks . While living in Spain I went to the cinema all the time to see both American and Spanish movies, and the contrast was really interesting.  However, I’ve only ever watched these movies for my own enjoyment, so I’m looking forward to learning a lot of the cinematographic background of Spanish film!